Title 14

SECTION 1216.102

1216.102 Policy.

§ 1216.102 Policy.

NASA policy is to:

(a) Use all practicable means, consistent with NASA's statutory authority, available resources, and the national policy, to protect and enhance the quality of the environment;

(b) Provide for proper attention to and ensure that environmental amenities and values are given appropriate consideration in all NASA actions, including those performed under contract, grant, lease, or permit;

(c) Recognize the worldwide and long-range character of environmental concerns and, when consistent with the foreign policy of the United States and its own responsibilities, lend appropriate support to initiatives, resolutions, and programs designed to maximize international cooperation in anticipating and preventing a decline in the quality of the world environment;

(d) Use systematic and timely approaches which will ensure the integrated use of the natural and social sciences and environmental design arts in planning and decisionmaking for actions which may have an impact on the human environment;

(e) Pursue research and development, within the scope of NASA's authority or in response to authorized agencies, for application of technologies useful in the protection and enhancement of environmental quality;

(f) Initiate and utilize ecological and other environmental information in the planning and development of resource-oriented projects; and

(g) Invite cooperation, where appropriate, from Federal, State, local, and regional authorities and the public in NASA planning and decisionmaking processes.