Title 14

SECTION 1214.1102

1214.1102 Evaluation of applications.

§ 1214.1102 Evaluation of applications.

(a) All incoming applications will be reviewed to determine whether or not applicants meet basic qualifications. Those not meeting the basic qualification requirements will be so notified and will not be eligible for further consideration. Those meeting the basic qualification requirements will have their applications retained for review by a designated rating panel.

(b) A rating panel composed of discipline experts will review and rate qualified applicants as “Qualified” or “Highly Qualified.”

(c) Efforts will be made to ensure that minorities and females are included among these discipline experts on the rating panel.

(d) The criteria for each level will be developed and will serve as the basis for the ratings. The evaluation will be based on the quality of the individual's academic background and experience and the extent to which the individual's academic achievements, experience, and special qualifications relate to the astronaut candidate position. Reference information on those rated “Highly Qualified” will normally be obtained. This evaluation process will be monitored to ensure adherence to applicable policy, laws, and regulations.

(e) Those rated “Highly Qualified” may be required to obtain a Class I or Class II physical. Only medically qualified applicants will be referred for final evaluation and possible interview and selection. Those who are not medically qualified will be so informed and will not be eligible for further consideration.

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