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Title 13 → Chapter I → Part 130 → §130.360

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Title 13 Part 130 → §130.360

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Title 13Chapter IPart 130 → §130.360

Title 13: Business Credit and Assistance

§130.360   SBDC advisory boards.

(a) State/Regional Advisory Boards. (1) The Lead Center must establish an advisory board to advise, counsel, and confer with the SBDC Director on matters pertaining to the operation of the SBDC network.

(2) The advisory board shall be referred to as a State SBDC Advisory Board in an Area of Service having only one recipient organization, and a Regional SBDC Advisory Board in an Area of Service having more than one recipient organization.

(3) These advisory boards must include small business owners and other representatives from the entire Area of Service.

(4) New Lead Centers must establish a State or Regional SBDC Advisory Board no later than the second budget period.

(5) A State or Regional SBDC Advisory Board member may also be a member of the National SBDC Advisory Board.

(6) The reasonable cost of travel of any Board member for official Board activities may be paid out of the SBDC's budgeted funds.

(b) National SBDC Advisory Board. (1) SBA shall establish a National SBDC Advisory Board consisting of nine members who are not Federal employees, appointed by the SBA Administrator. The Board shall elect a Chair. Three members of the Board shall be from universities or their affiliates and six shall be from small businesses or associations representing small businesses. Board members shall serve staggered three year terms, with three Board members appointed each year. The SBA Administrator may appoint successors to fill unexpired terms.

(2) The National SBDC Advisory Board shall advise and confer with SBA's AA/SBDCs on policy matters pertaining to the operation of the SBDC program. The Board shall meet with the AA/SBDCs at least semiannually.