Title 12


341.5 Withdrawal from registration.

§ 341.5 Withdrawal from registration.

(a) Notice of withdrawal from registration. Any transfer agent registered under this part that ceases to engage in the functions of a transfer agent as defined in § 341.2(a) shall file a written notice of withdrawal from registration with the FDIC. A registered transfer agent that ceases to engage in one or more of the functions of transfer agent as defined in § 341.2(a), but continues to engage in another such function, shall not withdraw from registration.

(b) A notice of withdrawal shall be filed with the FDIC at its Washington, DC headquarters. Deregistration shall be effective upon receipt of notice of withdrawal by the FDIC. A Request for Deregistration form is available electronically from www.fdic.gov or by request from the Director, Division of Risk Management Supervision (RMS), FDIC, Washington, DC 20429.

(c) If the FDIC finds that any registered transfer agent for which it is the ARA, is no longer in existence or has ceased to do business as a transfer agent, FDIC shall cancel or deny the registration by order of the Board of Directors.

(d) Registration of a transfer agent with another ARA shall cancel registration of the transfer agent with FDIC.

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