Title 12


207.9 Compliance provisions.

§ 207.9 Compliance provisions.

(a) Willful failure to comply with disclosure and reporting obligations. (1) If the Board determines that a NGEP has willfully failed to comply in a material way with §§ 207.6 or 207.7, the Board will notify the NGEP in writing of that determination and provide the NGEP a period of 90 days (or such longer period as the Board finds to be reasonable under the circumstances) to comply.

(2) If the NGEP does not comply within the time period established by the Board, the agreement shall thereafter be unenforceable by that NGEP by operation of section 48 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (12 U.S.C. 1831y).

(3) The Board may assist any insured depository institution or affiliate that is a party to a covered agreement that is unenforceable by a NGEP by operation of section 48 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (12 U.S.C. 1831y) in identifying a successor to assume the NGEP's responsibilities under the agreement.

(b) Diversion of funds. If a court or other body of competent jurisdiction determines that funds or resources received under a covered agreement have been diverted contrary to the purposes of the covered agreement for an individual's personal financial gain, the Board may take either or both of the following actions -

(1) Order the individual to disgorge the diverted funds or resources received under the agreement;

(2) Prohibit the individual from being a party to any covered agreement for a period not to exceed 10 years.

(c) Notice and opportunity to respond. Before making a determination under paragraph (a)(1) of this section, or taking any action under paragraph (b) of this section, the Board will provide written notice and an opportunity to present information to the Board concerning any relevant facts or circumstances relating to the matter.

(d) Inadvertent or de minimis errors. Inadvertent or de minimis errors in annual reports or other documents filed with the Board under § 207.6 or § 207.7 will not subject the reporting party to any penalty.

(e) Enforcement of provisions in covered agreements. No provision of this part shall be construed as authorizing the Board to enforce the provisions of any covered agreement.