Title 12

SECTION 1291.70

1291.70 Affordable Housing Reserve Fund.

§ 1291.70 Affordable Housing Reserve Fund.

(a) Deposits. If a Bank fails to use or commit the full amount it is required to contribute to the Program in any year pursuant to § 1291.10(a), 90 percent of the unused or uncommitted amount shall be deposited by the Bank in an Affordable Housing Reserve Fund established and administered by FHFA. The remaining 10 percent of the unused and uncommitted amount retained by the Bank should be fully used or committed by the Bank during the following year, and any remaining portion shall be deposited in the Affordable Housing Reserve Fund.

(b) Use or commitment of AHP funds. Approval of applications for AHP funds from members sufficient to exhaust the amount a Bank is required to contribute pursuant to § 1291.10(a) shall constitute use or commitment of funds. Amounts remaining unused or uncommitted at year-end are deemed to be used or committed if, in combination with AHP funds that have been returned to the Bank or de-committed from canceled projects, they are insufficient to fund:

(1) AHP application alternates in the Bank's final funding round of the year for its General Fund or any Targeted Funds, if the Bank has a policy to approve alternates for funding under such Funds;

(2) Pending applications for funds under the Bank's Homeownership Set-Aside Programs, if any; and

(3) Project modifications for AHP subsidy increases approved by the Bank pursuant to the requirements of this part.

(c) Carryover of insufficient amounts. Such insufficient amounts as described in paragraph (b) of this section shall be carried over by the Bank for use or commitment in the following year in its General Fund, any Targeted Funds, or any Homeownership Set-Aside Programs.