Title 12

SECTION 1291.11

1291.11 Temporary suspension of AHP contributions.

§ 1291.11 Temporary suspension of AHP contributions.

(a) Request to FHFA. If a Bank finds that the contributions required pursuant to § 1291.10 are contributing to the financial instability of the Bank, the Bank may apply in writing to FHFA for a temporary suspension of such contributions.

(b) Director review - (1) Financial instability. In determining the financial instability of a Bank, the Director shall consider such factors as:

(i) Severely depressed Bank earnings;

(ii) A substantial decline in Bank membership capital; and

(iii) A substantial reduction in Bank advances outstanding.

(2) Limitations on grounds for suspension. The Director shall not suspend a Bank's annual AHP contributions if it determines that the Bank's reduction in earnings is due to:

(i) A change in the terms of advances to members that is not justified by market conditions;

(ii) Inordinate operating and administrative expenses; or

(iii) Mismanagement.