Title 12

PART 340

Part 340 - Restrictions On Sale Of Assets Of A Failed Institution By The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

PART 340 - RESTRICTIONS ON SALE OF ASSETS OF A FAILED INSTITUTION BY THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Authority:12 U.S.C. 1819 (Tenth), 1821(p). Source:80 FR 22889, Apr. 24, 2015, unless otherwise noted.

12: 340.1
   340.1 What is the statutory authority for the regulation, what are its purpose and scope, and can the FDIC have other policies on related topics
12: 340.2
   340.2 Definitions.
12: 340.3
   340.3 What are the restrictions on the sale of assets by the FDIC if the buyer wants to finance the purchase with a loan from the FDIC
12: 340.4
   340.4 What are the restrictions on the sale of assets by the FDIC regardless of the method of financing
12: 340.5
   340.5 Can the FDIC deny a loan to a buyer who is not disqualified from purchasing assets using seller-financing under this regulation
12: 340.6
   340.6 What is the effect of this part on transactions that were entered into before its effective date
12: 340.7
   340.7 When is a certification required, and who does not have to provide a certification
12: 340.8
   340.8 Does this part apply in the case of a workout, resolution, or settlement of obligations