Title 11

SECTION 9410.5

9410.5 Disclosure of requested information to individuals.

§ 9410.5 Disclosure of requested information to individuals.

(a) Upon submission of proof of identification as required by § 9410.4, the Commission shall allow the individual to see and/or obtain a copy of the requested record or shall send a copy of the record to the individual by registered mail. If the individual requests to see the record, the Commission may make the record available either at the location where the record is maintained or at a place more suitable to the requestor, if possible. The record shall be made available as soon as possible, but in no event later than 15 working days after proof of identification. The individual may have a person or persons of his or her own choosing accompany him or her when the record is disclosed.

(b) The Commission must furnish each record requested by an individual under this part in a form intelligible to that individual.

(c) If the Commission denies access to a record to an individual, he or she shall be advised of the reason for the denial and advised of the right to judicial review.

(d) Upon request, an individual will be provided access to the accounting of disclosures from his or her record under the same procedures as provided above and in § 9410.4.