Title 11

SECTION 9405.3

9405.3 Policy on disclosure of records.

§ 9405.3 Policy on disclosure of records.

(a) The Commission will make the fullest possible disclosure of records to the public, consistent with the rights of individuals to privacy, the rights of individuals and other entities with respect to trade secrets and commercial or financial information entitled to privileged and confidential treatment, and the need for the Commission to promote free internal policy deliberations and to pursue its official activities without undue disruption.

(b) All Commission records shall be available to the public unless they are specifically exempt under this part.

(c) In the interest of efficiency and economy, the Commission's preference is to furnish records to requesters in electronic format, when possible.

(d) To carry out this policy, the Commission shall designate a Chief Freedom of Information Act Officer (Chief FOIA Officer). The Chief FOIA Officer shall designate one or more Commission officials, as appropriate, as FOIA Public Liaison and/or as FOIA Officers. A FOIA Public Liaison shall serve as a supervisory official to whom a FOIA requester can raise questions about the service the FOIA requester has received. A FOIA Officer shall have the authority, subject to the direction and supervision of the Chief FOIA Officer, the requirements of this part, and the FOIA, to make decisions concerning disclosure of records to the public.