Title 10 Part 9 → Subpart B → §9.68

Title 10 → Chapter I → Part 9 → Subpart B → §9.68

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Title 10 Part 9 → Subpart B → §9.68

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Title 10Chapter IPart 9Subpart B → §9.68

Title 10: Energy
Subpart B—Privacy Act Regulations

§9.68   NRC statement of explanation.

The Inspector General, or the Executive Director for Operations or the EDO's designee, may if deemed appropriate, prepare a concise statement of the reasons why the requested amendments or corrections were not made. Any NRC “Statement of Explanation” must be included in the system of records in the same manner as the “Statement of Disagreement”. Courtesy copies of the NRC statement and of the notation of the dispute as marked on the original record must be furnished to the individual who requested correction or amendment of the record.

[55 FR 33648, Aug. 17, 1990]