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Title 10 Part 9 → §9.3

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Title 10Chapter IPart 9 → §9.3

Title 10: Energy

§9.3   Definitions.

As used in this part:

Commission means the Commission of five members or a quorum thereof sitting as a body, as provided by section 201 of the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974.

Government agency means any executive department, military department, Government corporation, Government-controlled corporation, or other establishment in the executive branch of the Government (including the Executive Office of the President), or any independent regulatory agency.

NRC means the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, established by the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974.

NRC personnel means employees, consultants, and members of advisory boards, committees, and panels of the NRC; members of boards designated by the Commission to preside at adjudicatory proceedings; and officers or employees of Government agencies, including military personnel, assigned to duty at the NRC.

Working days mean Monday through Friday, except legal holidays.

[52 FR 49355, Dec. 31, 1987]

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