Title 10 Part 9 → Subpart C → §9.106

Title 10 → Chapter I → Part 9 → Subpart C → §9.106

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Title 10 Part 9 → Subpart C → §9.106

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Title 10Chapter IPart 9Subpart C → §9.106

Title 10: Energy
Subpart C—Government in the Sunshine Act Regulations

§9.106   Persons affected and motions for reconsideration.

(a) Whenever any person whose interests may be directly affected by a portion of a meeting requests that the Commission close such portion to the public for any of the reasons referred to in paragraphs (a) (5), (6), or (7) of §9.104, the Commission, upon request of any one Commissioner, shall vote by recorded vote whether to close such meeting.

(b) Any person may petition the Commission to reconsider its action under §9.105(a) or paragraph (a) of this section by filing a petition for reconsideration with the Commission within seven days after the date of such action and before the meeting in question is held.

(c) A petition for reconsideration filed pursuant to paragraph (b) of this section shall state specifically the grounds on which the Commission action is claimed to be erroneous, and shall set forth, if appropriate, the public interest in the closing or opening of the meeting. The filing of such a petition shall not act to stay the effectiveness of the Commission action or to postpone or delay the meeting in question unless the Commission orders otherwise.

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