Title 10 Part 34 → Subpart E → §34.89

Title 10 → Chapter I → Part 34 → Subpart E → §34.89

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Title 10 Part 34 → Subpart E → §34.89

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Title 10Chapter IPart 34Subpart E → §34.89

Title 10: Energy
Subpart E—Recordkeeping Requirements

§34.89   Location of documents and records.

(a) Each licensee shall maintain copies of records required by this part and other applicable parts of this chapter at the location specified in §34.13(k).

(b) Each licensee shall also maintain copies of the following documents and records sufficient to demonstrate compliance at each applicable field station and each temporary jobsite;

(1) The license authorizing the use of licensed material;

(2) A copy of 10 CFR parts 19, 20, and 34 of NRC regulations;

(3) Utilization records for each radiographic exposure device dispatched from that location as required by §34.71.

(4) Records of equipment problems identified in daily checks of equipment as required by §34.73(a);

(5) Records of alarm system and entrance control checks required by §34.75, if applicable;

(6) Records of direct reading dosimeters such as pocket dosimeter and/or electronic personal dosimeters readings as required by §34.83;

(7) Operating and emergency procedures required by §34.81;

(8) Evidence of the latest calibration of the radiation survey instruments in use at the site, as required by §34.65;

(9) Evidence of the latest calibrations of alarm ratemeters and operability checks of pocket dosimeters and/or electronic personal dosimeters as required by §34.83;

(10) Latest survey records required by §34.85;

(11) The shipping papers for the transportation of radioactive materials required by §71.5 of this chapter; and

(12) When operating under reciprocity pursuant to §150.20 of this chapter, a copy of the Agreement State license authorizing the use of licensed materials.