Title 10 Part 15 → Subpart B → §15.23

Title 10 → Chapter I → Part 15 → Subpart B → §15.23

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Title 10 Part 15 → Subpart B → §15.23

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Title 10Chapter IPart 15Subpart B → §15.23

Title 10: Energy
Subpart B—Administrative Collection of Claims

§15.23   Telephone or internet inquiries and investigations.

(a) If a debtor has not responded to one or more demands, the NRC shall make reasonable efforts by telephone or internet to determine the debtor's intentions.

(b) The NRC may undertake an investigation to locate a debtor if the whereabouts of a debtor is a problem, or if a debtor cannot be contacted by telephone.

(c) The NRC, under 15 U.S.C. 1681(f), may obtain consumer credit information from private firms, including the name, address, former addresses, place of employment, and former places of employment of a debtor.

[47 FR 7616, Feb. 22, 1982, as amended at 67 FR 30319, May 6, 2002]