Title 10

SECTION 905.18

905.18 What are the criteria for Western's approval of submittals

§ 905.18 What are the criteria for Western's approval of submittals?

(a) Approval criteria. Western will approve all plans and reports based upon:

(1) Whether the plan or report satisfactorily addresses the criteria in the regulations in this subpart; and

(2) The reasonableness of the plan or report given the size, type, resource needs, geographic area, and competitive situation of the customer.

(b) Review of resource choices. Western will review resource choices using section 114 of EPAct and this subpart. Western will disapprove plans and reports if Western deems that they do not meet the reasonableness criteria in paragraph (a)(2) of this section or the provisions of section 114 of EPAct.

(c) Accepting plans and reports under other initiatives. If a customer or group of customers implements integrated resource planning under a program responding to other Federal, Tribal, or State initiatives, Western will accept and approve the plan or report as long as it substantially complies with the requirements of this subpart.

(d) Water-based plans and reports. In evaluating a plan or report, Western will consider water planning, efficiency improvements, and conservation in the same manner it considers energy planning and efficiencies. Customers that provide water utility services and customers that service irrigation load as part of their overall load may include water conservation activities in their plans or reports. To the extent practical, customers should convert reported water savings to energy values.