Title 10

SECTION 905.12

905.12 How must IRPs be submitted

§ 905.12 How must IRPs be submitted?

(a) Number of IRPs submitted. Except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section, one IRP is required per customer, regardless of the number of long-term firm power contracts between the customer and Western.

(b) Method of submitting IRPs. Customers must submit IRPs to Western under one of the following options:

(1) Customers may submit IRPs individually.

(2) MBAs may submit IRPs for each of their members or submit one IRP on behalf of all or some of their members. An IRP submitted by an MBA must specify the responsibilities and participation levels of individual members and the MBA. Any member of an MBA may submit an individual IRP to Western instead of being included in an MBA IRP.

(3) Customers may submit IRPs as regional/IRP cooperatives when previously approved by Western. Western encourages customers to prepare “regional” IRPs. Regional IRPs are voluntary and participants need not be members of an MBA or a Western customer. Regional/IRP cooperatives may also submit small customer plans, minimum investment reports, and EE/RE reports on behalf of eligible IRP cooperative members.

(c) Alternatives to submitting individual IRPs. Customers with Western approval to submit small customer plans, minimum investment or EE/RE reports may substitute the applicable plan or report instead of an IRP. Each customer that intends to seek approval for IRP cooperative, small customer, minimum investment report or EE/RE report status must provide advance written notification to Western. A new customer must provide this notification to the Western Regional Manager of the Region in which the customer is located within 30 days from the time it becomes a customer. Any customer may resubmit an IRP or notify Western of its plan to change its compliance method at any time so long as there is no period of noncompliance.

[65 FR 16795, Mar. 30, 2000, as amended at 73 FR 35062, June 20, 2008]