Title 10


782.6 Processing of administrative claims.

§ 782.6 Processing of administrative claims.

(a) Filing and forwarding of claims. All communications regarding claims should be addressed to:

General Counsel, ATTN: Assistant General Counsel for Patents, Office of the General Counsel, U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, DC 20545. If any communication relating to a claim or possible claim of patent or copyright infringement is received by an agency, organization, office, or field establishment within the Department of Energy, it should be forwarded to the Assistant General Counsel for Patents.

(b) Disposition and notification. The General Counsel shall investigate and administratively settle, deny, or otherwise dispose of each claim by denial or settlement. When a claim is denied, the Department shall so notify the claimant or his authorized representative and provide the claimant with the reasons for denying the claim. Disclosure of information shall be subject to applicable statutes, regulations, and directives pertaining to security, access to official records, and the rights of others.