Title 10

SECTION 765.12

765.12 Inflation index adjustment procedures.

§ 765.12 Inflation index adjustment procedures.

(a) The amounts of $6.25 (as specified in § 765.2(e) of this rule) $350 million (as specified in § 765.2(f) of this rule), $365 million (as specified in § 765.2(g) of this rule) and $715 million (as specified in § 765.2(i) of this rule) shall be adjusted for inflation as provided by this section.

(b) To make adjustments for inflation to the amounts specified in paragraph (a) of this section, the Department shall apply the CPI-U to these amounts annually, beginning in 1994, using the CPI-U as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics within the Department of Commerce for the preceding calendar year.

(c) The Department shall adjust annually, using the CPI-U as defined in this part, amounts paid to an active uranium processing site licensee for purposes of comparison with the $6.25 per dry short ton limit on reimbursement as adjusted for inflation.

[59 FR 26726, May 23, 1994, as amended at 68 FR 32957, June 3, 2003]