Title 10

SECTION 765.10

765.10 Eligibility for reimbursement.

§ 765.10 Eligibility for reimbursement.

(a) Any licensee of an active uranium or thorium processing site that has incurred costs of remedial action for the site that are attributable to byproduct material generated as an incident of sales to the United States shall be eligible for reimbursement of these costs, subject to the procedures and limitations specified in this part.

(b) Prior to reimbursement of costs of remedial action incurred by a licensee, the Department shall make a determination regarding the total quantity of dry short tons of byproduct material, and the quantity of Federal-related dry short tons of byproduct material present on October 24, 1992 at the licensee's active processing site. A claim for reimbursement from a site for which a determination is made will be evaluated individually. If a licensee does not concur with the Department's determination regarding the quantity of dry short tons of byproduct material present at the site, the licensee may appeal the Department's determination in accordance with § 765.22 of this part. The Department's determination shall be used to determine that portion of an approved claim for reimbursement submitted by the licensee which shall be reimbursed, unless or until the determination is overturned on appeal. If the outcome of an appeal requires a change in the Department's initial determination, the Department will adjust any payment previously made to the licensee to reflect the change.