Title 1

SECTION 603.15

603.15 Requests for Accounting of Record disclosures.

§ 603.15 Requests for Accounting of Record disclosures.

(a) An Individual seeking information regarding an accounting of disclosure of a Record pertaining to him/her made in accordance with § 603.11 shall submit a written request to the PAO at the address listed on NCPC's official Web site www.ncpc.gov. If sent via email or facsimile, the Request shall be directed to the email address or facsimile number indicated on the NCPC Web site. To expedite internal handling, the words Privacy Act Request shall appear prominently on the envelop or the subject line of an email or facsimile cover sheet.

(b) The Request shall:

(1) State the Request is made pursuant to the Privacy Act; and

(2) Describe the requested Record in sufficient detail to determine whether it is or is not contained in an accounting of disclosure.

(c) The NCPC PAO shall notify the Requester in writing within 20 Workdays of the Request and advise if the Record was included in an accounting of disclosure. In the event of a disclosure, the response shall include the date, nature, and purpose of the disclosure and the name and address of the person or agency to whom the disclosure was made. If the Request is denied because the Record(s) is/are under the jurisdiction of the OPM, the response shall advise the Requester to contact OPM. In the event of an Adverse Determination, the written notification shall advise the Individual of his/her right to appeal the Adverse Determination in accordance with the requirements of § 603.16.