Title 1

SECTION 304.10

304.10 Preservation of records.

§ 304.10 Preservation of records.

(a) The agency will preserve all correspondence pertaining to the requests that it receives under this subpart, as well as copies of all requested records, until disposition or destruction is authorized by title 44 of the United States Code or the National Archives and Records Administration's General Records Schedule 4.2. Records will not be disposed of while they are the subject of a pending request, appeal, or lawsuit under the FOIA.

(b) In the event that the agency contracts with another agency, entity, or person to maintain records for the agency for the purposes of records management, it will promptly identify such records in its “Freedom of Information Reference Guide” and specify the particular means by which request for such records can be made.

[76 FR 18635, Apr. 5, 2011, as amended at 82 FR 7635, Jan. 23, 2017]