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10.2 Scope and sources.

§ 10.2 Scope and sources.

(a) The text of the publication consists of oral statements by the President or of writing subscribed by the President, and selected from transcripts or text issued by the Office of the White House Press Secretary, including -

(1) Communications to Congress;

(2) Public addresses and remarks;

(3) News conferences and interviews;

(4) Public messages and letters;

(5) Statements released on miscellaneous subjects; and

(6) Formal executive documents promulgated in accordance with law.

(b) In addition, each publication includes selections, either in full text or ancillary form, from the following groups of documents, when issued by the Press Office.

(1) Announcements of Presidential appointments and nominations;

(2) White House statements and announcements on miscellaneous subjects;

(3) Statements by the Press Secretary or Deputy Press Secretary;

(4) Statements and news conferences by senior administration officials; and

(5) Fact sheets.

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