Title 7

SECTION 927.42

927.42 Accounting.

§ 927.42 Accounting.

(a) If, at the end of a fiscal period, the assessments collected are in excess of expenses incurred, the Fresh Pear Committee or the Processed Pear Committee may carryover such excess into subsequent fiscal periods as a reserve: Provided, That funds already in the reserve do not exceed approximately one fiscal period's expenses. Such reserve may be used to cover any expense authorized under this part and to cover necessary expenses of liquidation in the event of termination of this part. Any such excess not retained in a reserve or applied to any outstanding obligation of the person from whom it was collected shall be refunded proportionately to the persons from whom it was collected. Upon termination of this part, any funds not required to defray the necessary expenses of liquidation shall be disposed of in such manner as the Secretary may determine to be appropriate: Provided, That to the extent practical, such funds shall be returned pro rata to the persons from whom such funds were collected.

(b) All funds received pursuant to the provisions of this part shall be used solely for the purpose specified in this part and shall be accounted for in the manner provided in this part. The Secretary may at any time require the Fresh Pear Committee or the Processed Pear Committee and its members to account for all receipts and disbursements.