Title 7

SECTION 927.126

927.126 Processed pear reports.

§ 927.126 Processed pear reports.

(a) Each handler shall furnish to the Processed Pear Committee annually on a date established by the Processed Pear Committee the “Processed Pear Assessment Report” containing the following information:

(1) The name of the processor(s) or firm(s) to whom pears were sold;

(2) The quantity of each variety or subvariety of pears shipped by that handler;

(3) The crop year covered in the report;

(4) The assessment payment due and enclosed;

(5) The name and address of such handler; and

(6) Other information as may be requested by the Processed Pear Committee.

(b) Each handler shall specify on each bill of lading covering each shipment, the variety or subvariety and quantity of all pears included in that shipment.

[71 FR 7677, Feb. 14, 2006]