Title 7

SECTION 810.106

810.106 Grade designations.

§ 810.106 Grade designations.

(a) Grade designations for grain. The grade designations include in the following order:

(1) The letters “U.S.”;

(2) The abbreviation “No.” and the number of the grade or the words “Sample grade”;

(3) When applicable, the subclass;

(4) The class or kind of grain;

(5) When applicable, the special grade(s) except in the case of bright, extra heavy, and heavy oats or plump rye, the special grades, “bright”, “extra heavy”, “heavy” and “plump” will precede the word “oats” or “rye” as applicable; and

(6) When applicable, the word “dockage” together with the percentage thereof.

When applicable, the remarks section of the certificate will include in the order of predominance; in the case of a mixed class, the name and approximate percentage of the classes; in the case of sunflower seed, the percentage of admixture; in the case of mixed grain, the grains present in excess of 10.0 percent of the mixture and when applicable, the words Other grains followed by a statement of the percentage of the combined quantity of those kinds of grains, each of which is present in a quantity less than 10.0 percent; in the case of barley, if requested, the word “plump” with the percentage range thereof; in the case of wheat, if requested, the percentage of protein content.

(b) Optional grade designations. In addition to paragraph (a) of this Section, grain may be certificated under certain conditions as described in FGIS instructions when supported by official analysis, as “U.S. No. 2 or better (type of grain)”, “U.S. No. 3 or better (type of grain)”, and the like.

[52 FR 24418, June 30, 1987, as amended at 53 FR 15017, Apr. 27, 1988]