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Title 7 Part 810 → Subpart G → §810.1002

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Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart G—United States Standards for Oats

§810.1002   Definition of other terms.

(a) Fine seeds. All matter that passes through a 564 triangular-hole sieve after sieving according to procedures prescribed in FGIS instructions.

(b) Foreign material. All matter other than oats, wild oats, and other grains.

(c) Heat-damaged kernels. Kernels and pieces of oat kernels, other grains, and wild oats that are materially discolored and damaged by heat.

(d) Other grains. Barley, corn, cultivated buckwheat, einkorn, emmer, flaxseed, guar, hull-less barley, nongrain sorghum, Polish wheat, popcorn, poulard wheat, rice, rye, safflower, sorghum, soybeans, spelt, sunflower seed, sweet corn, triticale, and wheat.

(e) Sieves—(1) 564 triangular-hole sieve. A metal sieve 0.032 inch thick with equilateral triangular perforations the inscribed circles of which are 0.0781 ( 564 ) inch in diameter.

(2) 0.064 × 38 oblong-hole sieve. A metal sieve 0.032 inch thick with oblong perforations 0.064 inch by 0.375 ( 38 ) inch.

(f) Sound oats. Kernels and pieces of oat kernels (except wild oats) that are not badly ground-damaged, badly weather-damaged, diseased, frost-damaged, germ-damaged, heat-damaged, insect-bored, mold-damaged, sprout-damaged, or otherwise materially damaged.

(g) Wild oats. Seeds of Avena fatua L. and A. sterillis L.