Title 7

SECTION 51.882

51.882 U.S. Fancy Table.

§ 51.882 U.S. Fancy Table.

“U.S. Fancy Table” consists of bunches of well developed grapes of one variety, except when designated as assorted varieties, which are at least reasonably well colored, uniform in appearance when so specified in connection with the grade, and which meet the following requirements:

(a) Basic requirements for berries:

(1) Mature;

(2) Firm;

(3) Firmly attached to capstem;

(4) Not weak;

(5) Not shriveled at capstem;

(6) Not shattered;

(7) Not split or crushed;

(8) Not wet.

(b) Basic requirements for bunches:

(1) Fairly well filled;

(2) Not excessively tight for the variety.

(c) Basic requirements for stems:

(1) Well developed and strong;

(2) Not dry and brittle.

(d) Berries free from:

(1) Decay;

(2) Waterberry;

(3) Sunburn;

(4) Almeria Spot.

(e) Stems free from:

(1) Mold;

(2) Decay.

(f) Berries not damaged by:

(1) Any other cause.

(g) Bunches not damaged by:

(1) Shot berries;

(2) Dried berries;

(3) Other defective berries;

(4) Trimming away of defective berries;

(5) Any other cause.

(h) Stems not damaged by:

(1) Freezing;

(2) Any other cause.

(i) Size:

(1) For berries: Exclusive of shot berries and dried berries, the following percentages, by count, of the berries on each bunch shall have the minimum diameters indicated for varieties as follows:

(i) For Ribier, Cardinal, Robin, Exotic, Queen, Italia Muscat, and other similar varieties, 90 percent shall be at least twelve-sixteenths of an inch;

(ii) For Thompson Seedless, Perlette, Delight, Beauty Seedless, Sugraone, Flame Seedless and other seedless varieties, 75 percent shall be at least ten-sixteenths of an inch; and,

(iii) For other varieties 90 percent shall be at least ten-sixteenths of an inch.

(2) For bunches:

(i) Not less than one-fourth pound.

(j) For tolerances see § 51.886.

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