Title 7


51.56 Buildings and structures.

§ 51.56 Buildings and structures.

The packing plant buildings shall be properly constructed and maintained in a sanitary condition, including, but not limited to the following requirements:

(a) There shall be sufficient light consistent with the use to which the particular portion of the building is devoted and to permit efficient cleaning. The grading belts and bins shall be provided with sufficient proper nonglaring light to insure adequacy of grading and inspection operations;

(b) If the product is washed there shall be ample supply of water of a safe and sanitary quality with adequate facilities for its distribution throughout the plant and washing machinery;

(c) There shall also be an efficient waste disposal and plumbing system maintained in good repair;

(d) Each room in which the product is graded or stored shall be designed and constructed as to insure operating conditions of a clean and orderly character and shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner; and,

(e) Every practical precaution shall be taken to exclude dogs, cats, rodents and other vermin from the rooms in which the products are to be graded or stored.