Title 7 Part 51 → Subpart FF → §51.2852

Title 7 → Subtitle B → Chapter I → Subchapter C → Part 51 → Subpart FF → §51.2852

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Title 7 Part 51 → Subpart FF → §51.2852

§51.2852   Serious damage.

Serious damage means any specific defect described in this section; or any equally objectionable variation of any one of these defects, any other defect, or any combination of defects, which seriously detracts from the appearance, or the edible or marketing quality of the onions. The following specific defects shall be considered as serious damage:

(a) Watery scales when more than the equivalent of two entire outer fleshy scales are affected by an off-colored, watersoaked condition. The off-color must be of some shade of brown or yellow;

(b) Dirt, staining or other foreign matter when more than 25 percent of the onions in a lot are badly stained. Onions with adhering dirt or other foreign matter shall be judged on the same basis as stained onions;

(c) Seedstems when more than 12 inch in diameter;

(d) Sprouts when the visible length is more than 12 inch;

(e) Mechanical when any cut extends deeper than two fleshy scales, or when cuts seriously damage the appearance of the onion; and,

(f) Dry sunken areas when extending deeper than one fleshy scale, or when affecting an area equivalent to that of a circle 1 inch in diameter on an onion 234 inches in diameter, or correspondingly lesser or greater areas on smaller or larger onions.