Title 7

SECTION 51.2292

51.2292 Damage.

§ 51.2292 Damage.

Damage means any defect, other than color, which materially affects the appearance, or the edible or shipping quality of the individual portion of kernel, or of the lot as a whole. Any one of the following defects or any combination of defects the seriousness of which exceeds the maximum allowed for any one defect shall be considered as damage:

(a) Shriveling when more than one-eighth of the portion of kernel is severely shriveled, or a greater area is affected by lesser degrees of shriveling producing an equally objectionable appearance, except that kernels which are thin in corss-section but which are otherwise normally developed shall not be considered as damaged;

(b) Mold when plainly visible;

(c) Discoloration of the meat when more than one-eighth the volume of the portion of kernel is severely discolored, or a greater volume is affected by lesser degrees of discoloration producing an equally objectionable appearance;

(d) Not well dried; and,

(e) Not clean.