Title 7

SECTION 1216.40

1216.40 Establishment and membership.

§ 1216.40 Establishment and membership.

(a) Establishment of a National Peanut Board. There is hereby established a National Peanut Board, hereinafter called the Board, composed of no more than 13 peanut producers and alternates, appointed by the Secretary from nominations as follows:

(1) Twelve members and alternates. One member and one alternate shall be appointed from each primary peanut-producing state, who are producers and whose nominations have been submitted by certified peanut producer organizations within a primary peanut-producing state.

(2) The minor peanut-producing states shall collectively have one at-large member and one alternate, who are producers, to be appointed by the Secretary from nominations submitted by certified peanut producer organizations within minor peanut-producing states or from other certified farm organizations that include peanut producers as part of their membership.

(b) Adjustment of membership. At least once in each five-year period, but not more frequently than once in each three-year period, the Board, or a person or agency designated by the Board, shall review the geographical distribution of peanuts in the United States and make recommendation(s) to the Secretary to continue without change, or whether changes should be made in the number of representatives on the Board to reflect changes in the geographical distribution of the production of peanuts.

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