Title 49 Part 238 → Subpart B → §238.119

Title 49 → Subtitle B → Chapter II → Part 238 → Subpart B → §238.119

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Title 49 Part 238 → Subpart B → §238.119

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Title 49Subtitle BChapter IIPart 238Subpart B → §238.119

Title 49: Transportation
Subpart B—Safety Planning and General Requirements

§238.119   Rim-stamped straight-plate wheels.

(a)(1) Except as provided in paragraph (a)(2) of this section, on or after November 8, 1999, no railroad shall place or continue in service any vehicle, other than a private car, that is equipped with a rim-stamped straight-plate wheel if a brake shoe acts on the tread of the wheel for the purpose of slowing the vehicle.

(2) A commuter railroad may continue in service a vehicle equipped with a Class A, rim-stamped straight-plate wheel mounted on an inboard-bearing axle until the railroad exhausts its replacement stock of wheels held as of May 12, 1999, provided the railroad does not modify the operation of the vehicle in any way that would result in increased thermal input to the wheel during braking.

(b) A rim-stamped straight-plate wheel shall not be used as a replacement wheel on a private car that operates in a passenger train if a brake shoe acts on the tread of the wheel for the purpose of slowing the car.

(c) The requirements of this section do not apply to a wheel that is periodically tread-braked for a short duration by automatic circuitry for the sole purpose of cleaning the wheel tread surface.