Title 49 Part 238 → Subpart B → §238.107

Title 49 → Subtitle B → Chapter II → Part 238 → Subpart B → §238.107

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Title 49 Part 238 → Subpart B → §238.107

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Title 49Subtitle BChapter IIPart 238Subpart B → §238.107

Title 49: Transportation
Subpart B—Safety Planning and General Requirements

§238.107   Inspection, testing, and maintenance plan.

(a) General. Beginning on January 1, 2002, the following provisions of this section apply to railroads operating Tier I passenger equipment covered by this part. A railroad may request earlier application of these requirements upon written notification to FRA's Associate Administrator for Safety as provided in §238.1(c).

(b) Each railroad shall develop, and provide to FRA upon request, a detailed inspection, testing, and maintenance plan consistent with the requirements of this part. This plan shall include a detailed description of the following:

(1) Inspection procedures, intervals, and criteria;

(2) Test procedures and intervals;

(3) Scheduled preventive maintenance intervals;

(4) Maintenance procedures; and

(5) Special testing equipment or measuring devices required to perform inspections and tests.

(c) The inspection, testing, and maintenance plan required by this section is not intended to address and should not include procedures to address employee working conditions that arise in the course of conducting the inspections, tests, and maintenance set forth in the plan. When requesting a copy of the railroad's plan, FRA does not intend to review any portion of the plan that relates to employee working conditions.

(d) The inspection, testing, and maintenance plan required by this section shall be reviewed by the railroad annually.

[64 FR 25660, May 12, 1999, as amended at 65 FR 41307, July 3, 2000]