Title 45 Part 1150 → Subpart B → §1150.22

Title 45 → Subtitle B → Chapter XI → Subchapter B → Part 1150 → Subpart B → §1150.22

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Title 45 Part 1150 → Subpart B → §1150.22

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Title 45Subtitle BChapter XISubchapter BPart 1150Subpart B → §1150.22

Title 45: Public Welfare
Subpart B—Salary Offset

§1150.22   What are the Endowment's procedures for salary offset?

(a) The Endowment will coordinate salary deductions under this subpart as appropriate.

(b) If you are an Endowment employee, the Endowment's payroll office will determine the amount of your disposable pay and will implement the salary offset.

(c) Deductions will begin within three official pay periods following receipt by the Endowment's payroll office of certification of debt from the creditor agency.

(d) Types of collection—(1) Lump-sum offset. If the amount of the debt is equal to or less than 15 percent of disposable pay, the debt generally will be collected through one lump-sum offset.

(2) Installment deductions. Installment deductions will be made over a period not greater than the anticipated period of employment. The size and frequency of installment deductions will bear a reasonable relation to the size of the debt and your ability to pay. However, the amount deducted from any period will not exceed 15 percent of the disposable pay from which the deduction is made unless you have agreed in writing to the deduction of a greater amount. If possible, installment payments will be sufficient in size and frequency to liquidate the debt in three years or less.

(3) Deductions from final check. A deduction exceeding the 15 percent of disposable pay limitation may be made from any final salary payment under 31 U.S.C. 3716 and the Federal Claims Collection Standards, in order to liquidate the debt, whether the employee is being separated voluntarily or involuntarily.

(4) Deductions from other sources. If an employee subject to salary offset is separated from the Endowment, and the balance of the debt cannot be liquidated by offset of the final salary check, then the Endowment may offset later payments of any kind against the balance of the debt, as allowed by 31 U.S.C. 3716 and the Federal Claims Collection Standards.

(e) Multiple debts. In instances where two or more creditor agencies are seeking salary offsets, or where two or more debts are owed to a single creditor agency, the Endowment's payroll office may, at its discretion, determine whether one or more debts should be offset simultaneously within the 15 percent limitation.

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