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Title 43 Part 404 → Subpart C

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Title 43: Public Lands: Interior

§404.41   How will an appraisal investigation be conducted under this program?

Appraisal investigations will be conducted in accordance with Reclamation-approved standards governing the approach, process and content of the appraisal investigation. You can obtain information about Reclamation's standards and requirements for conducting an appraisal investigation by contacting your local Reclamation office.

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§404.42   How much time is provided to complete an appraisal investigation?

An appraisal investigation must be scheduled for completion not later than 2 years after the date on which the appraisal investigation is initiated, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Reclamation.

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§404.43   What process will Reclamation follow to determine if an appraisal investigation is ready for review?

(a) Reclamation will evaluate whether the appraisal investigation adequately addresses all of the items required in Reclamation's standards for conducting appraisal investigations, and is, therefore ready for review. Reclamation standards and requirements for the content of an appraisal investigation are available at your local Reclamation office. Reclamation will notify you in writing of the outcome of this determination within 90 business days from the date of Reclamation's receipt of the appraisal investigation;

(b) If the appraisal investigation does not include the required information, you will be notified in writing of the reasons why, and you will have an opportunity to make changes and re-submit the corrected appraisal investigation to Reclamation for additional review. As appropriate, Reclamation will work with you to suggest approaches to correct the appraisal investigation;

(c) Once Reclamation determines that the appraisal investigation includes all of the required information, Reclamation will review the investigation to determine, based on an application of the criteria set forth in §404.44, whether or not it is appropriate to proceed to a feasibility study. Reclamation will document its findings in an appraisal report, as described in §404.45;

(d) Reclamation's review of an appraisal investigation will take no longer than 180 business days from its receipt of the appraisal investigation to its completion of the appraisal report, excluding time when Reclamation is waiting for additional information from the project sponsor.

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§404.44   What criteria will Reclamation apply to determine whether it is appropriate to recommend that a feasibility study be conducted?

In reviewing an appraisal investigation, Reclamation will apply the following criteria to determine whether at least one of the alternatives identified is appropriate for further analysis through a feasibility study, or whether the investigation should be terminated without conducting a feasibility study, including:

(a) Whether a reasonable range of alternatives (structural or non-structural) have been formulated and evaluated;

(b) Whether the recommendation for further study of one or more alternatives is clearly supported by the analysis in the appraisal investigation; and

(c) For each alternative considered in the investigation, whether the alternative:

(1) Identifies viable water supplies and water rights sufficient to supply the proposed service area, including all practicable water sources such as lower quality waters, non-potable waters, and water-reuse-based water supplies;

(2) Has a positive effect on public and health and safety;

(3) Will meet water demand, including projected future needs;

(4) Provides environmental benefits, including source water protection;

(5) Applies a regional or watershed perspective and promotes benefits in the region in which the project is carried out;

(6) Implements an integrated water resources management approach;

(7) Enhances water management flexibility, including providing for local control of water supplies and, where applicable, encouraging participation in water banking and markets;

(8) Promotes long-term protection of water supplies;

(9) Includes preliminary cost estimates that are reasonable and supported;

(10) Is cost-effective and generates national net economic benefits as required under the Principles and Guidelines (incorporated by reference at §404.4);

(11) For each alternative proposed for further evaluation in a feasibility study, whether the project sponsor has the capability to pay 100 percent of the costs associated with the operation, maintenance, and replacement of the facilities constructed or developed; and

(12) Other factors that Reclamation deems appropriate.

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§404.45   What will be included in the appraisal report prepared by Reclamation?

The appraisal report prepared by Reclamation will include Reclamation's finding as to whether or not it is appropriate to proceed to a feasibility study, based on Reclamation's review of the appraisal investigation and application of the criteria set forth in §404.44, and the reasons supporting that finding.

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§404.46   Who will the appraisal report be provided to?

A copy of the appraisal report will be provided to you. Reclamation will also publish a notice of availability of the appraisal report in the Federal Register and will make a copy of the report available to the public upon request.

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