Title 40 Part 85 → Subpart S → §85.1805

Title 40 → Chapter I → Subchapter C → Part 85 → Subpart S → §85.1805

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Title 40 Part 85 → Subpart S → §85.1805

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Title 40Chapter ISubchapter CPart 85Subpart S → §85.1805

Title 40: Protection of Environment
Subpart S—Recall Regulations

§85.1805   Notification to vehicle or engine owners.

(a) The notification of vehicle or engine owners shall contain the following:

(1) The statement: “The Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has determined that your vehicle or engine may be emitting pollutants in excess of the Federal emission standards or family particulate emission limits, as defined in part 86. These standards or family particulate emission limits, as defined in part 86 were established to protect the public health or welfare from the dangers of air pollution.”

(2) A statement that the nonconformity of any such vehicles or engines which have been, if required by the remedial plan, properly maintained and used, will be remedied at the expense of the manufacturer.

(3) A description of the proper maintenance or use, if any, upon which the manufacturer conditions eligibility for repair under the remedial plan and a description of the proof to be required of a vehicle or engine owner to demonstrate compliance with such condition. Eligibility may not be denied solely on the basis that the vehicle or engine owner used parts not manufactured by the original equipment vehicle manufacturer, or had repairs performed by outlets other than the vehicle manufacturer's franchised dealers.

(4) A clear description of the components which will be affected by the remedy and a general statement of the measures to be taken to correct the nonconformity.

(5) A statement that such nonconformity if not repaired may cause the vehicle or engine to fail an emission inspection test when such tests are required under State or local law.

(6) A description of the adverse affects, if any, that an uncorrected nonconformity would have on the performance or driveability of the vehicle or engine.

(7) A description of the adverse affects, if any, that such nonconformity would have on the functions of other engine components.

(8) A description of the procedure which the vehicle or engine owner should follow to obtain correction of the nonconformity. This shall include designation of the date on or after which the owner can have the nonconformity remedied, the time reasonably necessary to perform the labor required to correct the nonconformity, and the designation of facilities at which the nonconformity can be remedied.

(9) A card to be used by a vehicle or engine owner in the event the vehicle or engine to be recalled has been sold. Such card should be addressed to the manufacturer and shall provide a space in which the owner may indicate the name and address of the person to whom the vehicle or engine was sold.

(10) The statement: “In order to ensure your full protection under the emission warranty made applicable to your (vehicle or engine) by Federal law, and your right to participate in future recalls, it is recommended that you have (vehicle or engine) serviced as soon as possible. Failure to do so could legally be determined to be a lack of proper maintenance of your (vehicle or engine).”

(b) No notice sent pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section nor any other contemporaneous communication sent to vehicle or engine owners or dealers shall contain any statement or implication that the nonconformity does not exist or that the nonconformity will not degrade air quality.

(c) The manufacturer shall be informed of any other requirements pertaining to the notification under this section which the Administrator has determined are reasonable and necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the recall campaign.

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