Title 38 Part 3 → Subpart A → §3.375

Title 38 → Chapter I → Part 3 → Subpart A → §3.375

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Title 38 Part 3 → Subpart A → §3.375

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Title 38Chapter IPart 3Subpart A → §3.375

Title 38: Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief
Subpart A—Pension, Compensation, and Dependency and Indemnity Compensation

§3.375   Determination of inactivity (complete arrest) in tuberculosis.

(a) Pulmonary tuberculosis. A veteran shown to have had pulmonary tuberculosis will be held to have reached a condition of “complete arrest” when a diagnosis of inactive is made.

(b) Nonpulmonary disease. Determination of complete arrest of nonpulmonary tuberculosis requires absence of evidence of activity for 6 months. If there are two or more foci of such tuberculosis, one of which is active, the condition will not be considered to be inactive until the tuberculous process has reached arrest in its entirety.

(c) Arrest following surgery. Where there has been surgical excision of the lesion or organ, the date of complete arrest will be the date of discharge from the hospital, or 6 months from the date of excision, whichever is later.

[33 FR 16275, Nov. 6, 1968, as amended at 43 FR 45348, Oct. 2, 1978]