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Title 36 Part 1226 → §1226.26

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Title 36: Parks, Forests, and Public Property

§1226.26   How do agencies donate temporary records?

(a) Agencies must obtain written approval from NARA before donating records eligible for disposal to an appropriate person, organization, institution, corporation, or government (including a foreign government) that has requested them. Records that are not eligible for disposal cannot be donated.

(b) Agencies request the approval of such a donation by sending a letter to NARA, by mail at National Archives and Records Administration; Office of the Chief Records Officer (AC); 8601 Adelphi Road; College Park, MD 20740-6001, or by email at [email protected] The request must include:

(1) The name of the department or agency, and relevant subdivisions, having custody of the records;

(2) The name and address of the proposed recipient of the records;

(3) A list containing:

(i) Description of the records to be transferred,

(ii) The inclusive dates of the records,

(iii) The SF 115 or GRS and item numbers that authorize destruction of the records;

(4) A statement providing evidence:

(i) That the proposed donation is in the best interests of the Government,

(ii) That the proposed recipient agrees not to sell the records as records or documents, and

(iii) That the donation will be made without cost to the U.S. Government;

(5) A certification that:

(i) The records contain no information the disclosure of which is prohibited by law or contrary to the public interest, and/or

(ii) The records proposed for transfer to a person or commercial business are directly pertinent to the custody or operations of properties acquired from the Government, and/or

(iii) A foreign government desiring the records has an official interest in them.

(c) NARA will determine whether the donation is in the public interest and notify the requesting agency of its decision in writing. If NARA determines such a proposed donation is contrary to the public interest, the agency must destroy the records in accordance with the appropriate disposition authority.

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