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Title 33 Part 146 → Subpart A → §146.35

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Title 33Chapter ISubchapter NPart 146Subpart A → §146.35

Title 33: Navigation and Navigable Waters
Subpart A—OCS Facilities

§146.35   Written report of casualty.

(a) In addition to the notice of a casualty required by §146.30, the owner, operator, or person in charge shall, within 10 days of the casualty, submit to the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection, a written report which:

(1) Identifies the facility involved, its owner, operator, and person in charge;

(2) Describes the casualty, including the date and time;

(3) Describes the nature and extent of injury to personnel and damage to property;

(4) Describes the factors which may have contributed to causing the casualty;

(5) Gives the name, address, and phone number of persons involved in or witnessing the casualty; and

(6) Gives any desired comments, especially with respect to use of or need for emergency equipment.

(7) Includes information relating to alcohol or drug involvement as specified in the vessel casualty reporting requirements of 46 CFR 4.05-12.

(b) The written report required by paragraph (a) of this section may be—

(1) In narrative form if all appropriate parts of Form CG-2692 are addressed;

(2) On Form CG-2692 for casualties resulting in property damage, personnel injury, or loss of life.

(c) If filed or postmarked within 5 days of the casualty, the written report required by paragraph (a) of this section serves as the notice required by §146.30(b).

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1625-0001)

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