Title 33 Part 52 → Subpart H → §52.72

Title 33 → Chapter I → Subchapter B → Part 52 → Subpart H → §52.72

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Title 33 Part 52 → Subpart H → §52.72

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Title 33Chapter ISubchapter BPart 52Subpart H → §52.72

Title 33: Navigation and Navigable Waters
Subpart H—Payment of Claims and Implementation of Orders

§52.72   Implementation of orders.

(a) In each case the Board shall transmit a copy of its decision or the Secretary's decision to the proper Coast Guard authority for determination of monetary benefits due, if any, as a result of the action of the Board and for corrections of the military record ordered by the Board.

(b) Upon request, the claimant is required to furnish to the Board or to the Coast Guard any information necessary to determine the proper parties to the claim for payment under applicable provisions of law.

(c) Appropriate records shall be examined in light of the Board's decision to determine all amounts which may be due. Amounts found due are subject to setoff in the amount of any existing indebtedness to the Government arising from Coast Guard service and to other setoffs required by law or regulation.

(d) At the time of payment, the claimant shall be advised as to the nature and amount of the various benefits represented by the total settlement, and of the fact that acceptance of the settlement constitutes a complete release by the claimant of any claim against the United States on account of the correction of record ordered by the Board.