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Title 28 Part 50

Title 28Chapter IPart 50

TITLE 28—Judicial Administration



Release of information by personnel of the Department of Justice relating to criminal and civil proceedings.
Guidelines for the enforcement of title VI, Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Notification of Consular Officers upon the arrest of foreign nationals.
Antitrust Division business review procedure.
Consent judgments in actions to enjoin discharges of pollutants.
Policy with regard to open judicial proceedings.
Policy regarding obtaining information from, or records of, members of the news media; and regarding questioning, arresting, or charging members of the news media.
Exchange of FBI identification records.
Guidelines on employee selection procedures.
Representation of Federal officials and employees by Department of Justice attorneys or by private counsel furnished by the Department in civil, criminal, and congressional proceedings in which Federal employees are sued, subpoenaed, or charged in their individual capacities.
Representation of Federal employees by private counsel at Federal expense.
Ex parte communications in informal rulemaking proceedings.
Procedures to be followed by government attorneys prior to filing recusal or disqualification motions.
Participation by the United States in court-annexed arbitration.
Procedures governing the destruction of contraband drug evidence in the custody of Federal law enforcement authorities.
Young American Medals Program.
Policy against entering into final settlement agreements or consent decree that are subject to confidentiality provisions and against seeking or concurring in the sealing of such documents.
Annuity broker minimum qualifications.
Assumption of concurrent Federal criminal jurisdiction in certain areas of Indian country.