Title 23 Part 970 → Subpart B → §970.212

Title 23 → Chapter I → Subchapter L → Part 970 → Subpart B → §970.212

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Title 23 Part 970 → Subpart B → §970.212

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Title 23Chapter ISubchapter LPart 970Subpart B → §970.212

Title 23: Highways
Subpart B—National Park Service Management Systems

§970.212   Federal lands safety management system (SMS).

In addition to the requirements provided in §970.204, the SMS must meet the following requirements:

(a) The NPS shall have an SMS for all transportation systems serving NPS facilities, as appropriate, funded under the FLHP.

(b) The NPS shall use the SMS to ensure that safety is considered and implemented, as appropriate, in all phases of transportation system planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operations.

(c) The SMS shall be designed to fit the NPS goals, policies, criteria, and needs and shall contain the following components: (1) An ongoing program for the collection, maintenance and reporting of a data base that includes:

(i) Accident records with details for analysis such as accident type, using standard reporting descriptions (e.g., right-angle, rear-end, head-on, pedestrian-related), location, description of event, severity, weather and cause;

(ii) An inventory of safety appurtenances such as signs, delineators, and guardrails (including terminals);

(iii) Traffic information including volume, speed, and vehicle classification, as appropriate.

(iv) Accident rates by customary criteria such as location, roadway classification, and vehicle miles of travel.

(2) Development, establishment, and implementation of procedures for:

(i) Routinely maintaining and upgrading safety appurtenances including highway-rail crossing warning devices, signs, highway elements, and operational features, where appropriate;

(ii) Identifying and investigating hazardous or potentially hazardous transportation elements and systems, transit vehicles and facilities, roadway locations and features;

(iii) Establishing countermeasures and setting priorities to address identified needs.

(3) A process for communication, coordination, and cooperation among the organizations responsible for the roadway, human, and vehicle safety elements;

(d) While the SMS applies to appropriate transportation systems serving NPS facilities funded under the FLHP, the extent of system requirements (e.g., data collection, analyses, and standards) for low volume roads may be tailored to be consistent with the functional classification of the road and number and types of transit and other vehicles operated by the NPS.