Title 23 Part 970 → Subpart B → §970.204

Title 23 → Chapter I → Subchapter L → Part 970 → Subpart B → §970.204

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Title 23 Part 970 → Subpart B → §970.204

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Title 23Chapter ISubchapter LPart 970Subpart B → §970.204

Title 23: Highways
Subpart B—National Park Service Management Systems

§970.204   Management systems requirements.

(a) The NPS shall develop, establish and implement the management systems as described in this subpart. The NPS may tailor all management systems to meet the NPS goals, policies, and needs using professional engineering and planning judgment to determine the required nature and extent of systems coverage consistent with the intent and requirements of this rule. The management systems also shall be developed so they assist in meeting the goals and measures that were jointly developed by the FHWA and the NPS in response to the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (Pub. L. 103-62, 107 Stat. 285).

(b) The NPS and the FHWA shall develop an implementation plan for each of the management systems. These plans will include, but are not limited to, the following: Overall goals and policies concerning the management systems, each agency's responsibilities for developing and implementing the management systems, implementation schedule, data sources, and cost estimate. The FHWA will provide the NPS ongoing technical engineering support for the development, implementation, and maintenance of the management systems.

(c) The NPS shall develop and implement procedures for the development, establishment, implementation and operation of management systems. The procedures shall include:

(1) A process for ensuring the outputs of the management systems are considered in the development of NPS transportation plans and PRPTIPs and in making project selection decisions under 23 U.S.C. 204;

(2) A process for the analysis and coordination of all management system outputs to systematically operate, maintain, and upgrade existing transportation assets cost-effectively;

(3) A description of each management system;

(4) A process to operate and maintain the management systems and their associated databases; and

(5) A process for data collection, processing, analysis and updating for each management system.

(d) All management systems will use databases with a geographical reference system that can be used to geolocate all database information.

(e) Existing data sources may be used by the NPS to the maximum extent possible to meet the management system requirements.

(f) The NPS shall develop an appropriate means to evaluate the effectiveness of the management systems in enhancing transportation investment decision-making and improving the overall efficiency of the affected transportation systems and facilities. This evaluation is to be conducted periodically, preferably as part of the NPS planning process.

(g) The management systems shall be operated so investment decisions based on management system outputs can be considered at the national, regional, and park levels.