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Title 22 Part 129 → §129.10

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Title 22Chapter ISubchapter MPart 129 → §129.10

Title 22: Foreign Relations

§129.10   Reports.

(a) Any person required to register under this part (including those registered in accordance with §129.3(d)) shall provide to the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls on an annual basis a report of its brokering activities in the previous twelve months. Such report shall be submitted along with the registrant's annual renewal submission or, if not renewing, within 30 days after expiration of registration.

(b) The report shall include brokering activities that received or were exempt from approval as follows:

(1) The report shall identify the broker's name, address, and registration code and be signed by an empowered official who shall certify that the report is complete and accurate. The report shall describe each of the brokering activities, including the number assigned by the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls to the approval or the exemption claimed; and

(2) For each of the brokering activities, the report shall identify all persons who participated in the activities, including each person's name, address, nationality, and country where located and role or function; the quantity, description, and U.S. dollar value of the defense articles or defense services; the type and U.S. dollar value of any consideration received or expected to be received, directly or indirectly, by any person who participated in the brokering activities, and the source thereof.

(c) If there were no brokering activities, the report shall certify that there were no such activities.

[78 FR 52694, Aug. 26, 2013]