Title 16 Part 1512 → Subpart A → §1512.7

Title 16 → Chapter II → Subchapter C → Part 1512 → Subpart A → §1512.7

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Title 16 Part 1512 → Subpart A → §1512.7

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Title 16Chapter IISubchapter CPart 1512Subpart A → §1512.7

Title 16: Commercial Practices
Subpart A—Regulations

§1512.7   Requirements for pedals.

(a) Construction. Pedals shall have right-hand/left-hand symmetry. The tread surface shall be present on both top and bottom surfaces of the pedal except that if the pedal has a definite preferred position, the tread surface need only be on the surface presented to the rider's foot.

(b) Toe clips. Pedals intended to be used only with toe clips shall have toe clips securely attached to them and need not have tread surfaces. Pedals designed for optional use of toe clips shall have tread surfaces.

(c) Pedal reflectors. Pedals for bicycles other than sidewalk bicycles shall have reflectors in accordance with §1512.16(e). Pedals for sidewalk bicycles are not required to have reflectors.