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Title 16 Part 1512 → Subpart A → §1512.12

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Title 16Chapter IISubchapter CPart 1512Subpart A → §1512.12

Title 16: Commercial Practices
Subpart A—Regulations

§1512.12   Requirements for wheel hubs.

All bicycles (other than sidewalk bicycles) shall meet the following requirements:

(a) Locking devices. Wheels shall be secured to the bicycle frame with a positive lock device. Locking devices on threaded axles shall be tightened to the manufacturer's specifications.

(1) Rear wheels. There shall be no relative motion between the axle and the frame when a force of 1,780 N (400 lbf) is applied symmetrically to the axle for a period of 30 seconds in the direction of wheel removal.

(2) Front wheels. Locking devices, except quick-release devices, shall withstand application of a torque in the direction of removal of 17 N-m (12.5 ft-lb).

(b) Quick-release devices. Lever-operated, quick-release devices shall be adjustable to allow setting the lever position for tightness. Quick-release levers shall be clearly visible to the rider and shall indicate whether the levers are in a locked or unlocked position. Quick-release clamp action shall emboss the frame or fork when locked, except on fiber reinforced plastics.

(c) Front hubs. Front hubs not equipped with lever-operated quick-release devices shall have a positive retention feature that shall be tested in accordance with the front hub retention test, §1512.18(j)(3), to assure that when the locking devices are released the wheel will not separate from the fork.

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