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Title 15 → Subtitle B → Chapter IX → Subchapter E → Part 990 → Subpart E → §990.54

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Title 15 Part 990 → Subpart E → §990.54

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Title 15Subtitle BChapter IXSubchapter EPart 990Subpart E → §990.54

Title 15: Commerce and Foreign Trade
Subpart E—Restoration Planning Phase

§990.54   Restoration selection—evaluation of alternatives.

(a) Evaluation standards. Once trustees have developed a reasonable range of restoration alternatives under §990.53 of this part, they must evaluate the proposed alternatives based on, at a minimum:

(1) The cost to carry out the alternative;

(2) The extent to which each alternative is expected to meet the trustees' goals and objectives in returning the injured natural resources and services to baseline and/or compensating for interim losses;

(3) The likelihood of success of each alternative;

(4) The extent to which each alternative will prevent future injury as a result of the incident, and avoid collateral injury as a result of implementing the alternative;

(5) The extent to which each alternative benefits more than one natural resource and/or service; and

(6) The effect of each alternative on public health and safety.

(b) Preferred restoration alternatives. Based on an evaluation of the factors under paragraph (a) of this section, trustees must select a preferred restoration alternative(s). If the trustees conclude that two or more alternatives are equally preferable based on these factors, the trustees must select the most cost-effective alternative.

(c) Pilot projects. Where additional information is needed to identify and evaluate the feasibility and likelihood of success of restoration alternatives, trustees may implement restoration pilot projects. Pilot projects should only be undertaken when, in the judgment of the trustees, these projects are likely to provide the information, described in paragraph (a) of this section, at a reasonable cost and in a reasonable time frame.

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