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Title 14 → Chapter III → Subchapter C → Part 415 → Subpart F → §415.123

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Title 14 Part 415 → Subpart F → §415.123

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Title 14Chapter IIISubchapter CPart 415Subpart F → §415.123

Title 14: Aeronautics and Space
Subpart F—Safety Review and Approval for Launch of an Expendable Launch Vehicle From a Non-Federal Launch Site

§415.123   Computing systems and software.

(a) An applicant's safety review document must describe all computing systems and software that perform a safety-critical computer system function for any operation performed during launch processing or flight that could have a hazardous effect on the public as required by §417.123 of this chapter.

(b) An applicant's safety review document must list and describe all safety-critical computer system functions involved in a proposed launch, including associated hardware and software interfaces. For each system with a safety-critical computer system function, an applicant's safety review document must:

(1) Describe all safety-critical computer system functions, including each safety-critical interface with any other system;

(2) Describe all systems, including all hardware and software, and the layout of each operator console and display;

(3) Provide flow charts or diagrams that show all hardware data busses, hardware interfaces, software interfaces, data flow, and power systems, and all operations of each safety-critical computer system function;

(4) Provide all logic diagrams and software designs;

(5) List all operator user manuals and documentation by title and date;

(6) Describe the computing system and software system safety process as required by §417.123(a).

(7) Provide all results of computing system and software hazard analyses as required by §417.123(c).

(8) Provide all plans and results of computing systems and software validation and verification as required by §417.123(d).

(9) Provide all plans for software development as required by §417.123(e).