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Title 13 → Chapter I → Part 101 → Subpart A → §101.104

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Title 13 Part 101 → Subpart A → §101.104

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Title 13Chapter IPart 101Subpart A → §101.104

Title 13: Business Credit and Assistance
Subpart A—Overview

§101.104   What are the functions of SBA's field offices?

(a) Regional offices. Regional offices are managed by a Regional Administrator who is responsible to the Administrator and to the Associate Administrator for Field Operations. They are located in major cities and have geographical boundaries which cover multi-state areas. Regional offices exercise limited authority over field activities within their region.

(b) District offices. District offices are managed by a District Director and are located in cities within a region. District offices are responsible to Headquarters, the Associate Administrator for Field Operations, and to a regional office. Within their delegated authority, district offices have authority for—

(1) Conducting all program delivery activities within the district boundaries;

(2) Supervising all branch offices located within the district boundaries; and

(3) Providing subordinate branch offices with the technical capability necessary to execute assigned programs.

(c) Branch offices. Branch offices are managed by a Branch Manager and are located in cities within a district. Branch offices are responsible to the district office within whose boundaries it is located. Branch offices execute one or more elements of the business or disaster loan programs and have limited authority for program execution.

(d) Disaster assistance offices. The Office of Disaster Assistance maintains five permanent field offices which are named according to the particular functions they perform in the disaster loan making process. The office names are: Disaster Assistance Customer Service Center, Disaster Assistance Processing and Disbursement Center, Disaster Assistance Field Operations Center East, Disaster Assistance Field Operations Center West, and the Disaster Assistance Personnel and Administrative Services Center. Each office is managed by a Center Director who reports to the Deputy Associate Administrator for Disaster Assistance. The offices provide loan services to victims of declared disasters, or support the efforts of the other offices to do so. Temporary disaster offices may be established in areas where disasters have occurred.

(e) Responsibilities. Each field office has responsibilities within a defined geographical area as periodically set forth in the Federal Register.

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